RDJ Love

I'm back with some new icons and I also wanted to mention that Simply Cool has a brand new domain If you still have the old link it will work, but this one is much more easier to access. We really could use some members so join if your interested! 

Now enough of my rambling, onto the goods!

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Reopend and New Icons

So I've re opened my live journal seeing as I am back to making icons. I've reorganized my memories page and tagged everything properly.  If you would like to request one just leave a comment, and if you want an icon of a certain person please give me a couple of pictures to work with, I'm not going to go hunting around ;)

*Robert Downey Jr.
*Lily Allen
*Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
*Into The Wild
*Dave Matthews Band

* I'm not going to be a prick about credit but it would be nice so that people would like to know who made them so they can come here and see more :)

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New Icons!!

I finally got around to making brand new icons. Its been awhile so I did as many as I could. There is a demand for my John Mayer ones so to make up for me being gone for so long I whipped out 20 John Mayer loves for you wahooo.


John Mayer (20)
Backstreet Boys (11)
Blue October (3)
Leonardo Dicaprio (3)
Kate Winslet (4)

1. 2. 3. 

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New Layout

Ok I finally have one of my own layouts up, the set up is still being worked on so bare with me if you find anything missing or not working!